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Claim from drop contract using contract explorer

This support guide will teach you how to claim using Contract Explorer by calling the claim contract function of your NFT Drop, Edition Drop & Token Drop

Interact FAQs

Importing non-thirdweb contracts into the Dashboard

Import your contract into thirdweb

Airdrop Contract Troubleshooting

How to airdrop NFTs using the Airdrop contract

Trouble Claiming from the Embed

Fix the most common issues and claim NFTs from your embed

Customizing the Embed

Batch Upload Troubleshooting

How to overcome the most common issues when uploading your NFT collection

Transferring ownership of a contract

How to transfer ownership of a contract, update permissions, and add the contract to your dashboard

How to close Auction Listings in a Marketplace

How to close an auction after bidding has ended

Take a Snapshot of Existing Holders

Here’s how you can take a snapshot of wallet addresses holding your NFT

openPack Function out of gas

How to resolve openPack out of gas error

NFT Drop claim function parameters

SDK parameters required to claim NFTs from our Drop contracts

NFT metadata structure

How to structure NFT metadata when minting with the SDK

WalletConnect Prefab Required for Connect Wallet (Native) Prefab

How to setup your Unity Native with the WalletConnect Prefab

How to use the multicall() function

Start Token ID at 1 instead of 0

Why can’t I claim an NFT from the embed on mobile?

Where can I see the audited contract reports?

How can I get my NFTs to show up on OpenSea or other marketplaces?

What are Platform Fees?

Why am I unable to use the same token for staking and rewards?

Understanding gas, Gwei, and cost saving strategies

How to make your NFTs non-transferrable aka Soulbound

SetApprovalForAll: what it means to grant access to all your NFTs

Staking Contract Troubleshooting - Not Owned or Approved