Unity SDK Error: this functionality is not yet supported on the current platform

Unity SDK Error: this functionality is not yet supported on the current platform

We have two versions of Unity: WebGL and Native. We are constantly improving both and strive to make them identical.


To develop on the WebGL platform, keep in mind that some APIs and methods only work in a web browser. If you try to use WebGL-specific features in Unity instead of running the build in a browser, you'll get an error.

If you are using WebGL or Unity and receive this error, then the particular method or functionality is not yet implemented or supported on the selected platform. We are currently building to reduce this discrepancy and differences across platforms. If you are running into specific methods being unavailable or unsupported, please request that functionality on our feedback board.


  1. Unity WebGL:
      • Build the project specifically for WebGL.
      • Test WebGL-specific APIs or methods in a web browser. Export the Unity project as a WebGL build and execute it using a supported web browser.
  1. Unity Native:
      • Check if the desired method or functionality is supported on the selected platform.
      • If the SDK does not offer the desired method for the platform, try other approaches or ask for help on our Discord support forum.
  1. Verify Unity SDK Support:
      • Note that events might not be supported on native platforms at the moment. Try other approaches or workarounds for desired functionality.

By following these steps, you can identify the cause of the "This functionality is not yet supported on the current platform" error and find suitable solutions to fix it.

Always consult the Unity and SDK documentation and leverage the Discord community's knowledge to overcome platform-specific limitations and ensure compatibility across different platforms.

Can’t get this working? If you’ve followed the above and still have issues, contact our support team for help.

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