Auth FAQs

General FAQs

How long does the JWT last until it expires?

By default, the JWTs issued by the server are valid for 3 days (259200 seconds), after which the user will have to login again. However, this duration can be changed by modifying the authOptions.tokenDurationInSeconds configuration. For Next, see here. For Express, see here.

Is it possible to use Auth without an authUrl in the authConfig using the React SDK?

Yes, it is possible to use Auth without an authUrl in the authConfig using the React SDK. The authUrl property in the authConfig object is used to specify the backend URL of the authentication endpoints. However, if you don't need to communicate with a backend for authentication purposes, you can omit this property. In that case, Auth will use default authentication mechanisms such as cookies.

Can I token gate my website using Auth?

Yes, you can token gate your website using Auth. Token gating allows you to restrict access to certain pages or content on your website based on the ownership of a specific token, such as an NFT or a crypto token. By connecting their crypto wallet and verifying ownership of the required token, users can unlock exclusive content or features.

Are cookies required to use Auth?

Cookies are not required but are used by default. If you don't want to use cookies, you can just store the returned auth token from /login and persist that. Then pass that auth token to the other protected backend calls.

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