Token showing “Mintable” on dex scanner after renouncing


The token scanner continues to detect it because the mint function remains in the contract. However, it will not function because there is no address that can control or modify your smart contract, as the contract has been renounced.


There's nothing to worry about as long as you remove any addresses from your permissions, this means that no one can modify the token settings or mint additional tokens.

To resolve the issue, please download the audit report for your contract from or based on the contract you are using. Share this report with DexScreener, TokenSniffer, or any other token scanner services you are using to demonstrate that our contracts have been audited and are safe to use.

The audit report will confirm that the "mintable" function in the smart contract only operates with proper permissions

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Process to remove minter/creator roles

If you would like to remove Minter/Creator roles and renounce ownership of the contract you can do so by visiting the permissions tab of your contract.


  1. Remove wallets for Minter/Creator role to renounce minting permissions for your admin account.
  1. Remove wallets for the Admin role to make the contract COMPLETELY noneditable . Please be careful using this as once the permission is revoked, you can no longer influence the contract such as updating contract metadata, managing token supply, etc.

Can’t get this working? If you’ve followed the above and are still having issues, contact our support team for help.

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