Transaction underpriced

If your transaction fails, and the error message includes transaction underpriced this means the gas fee provided was too low for the transaction to be processed.


There are two ways to fix this depending on your set up.


If you are confirming the transaction in your browser/wallet, prior to confirming the transaction, you can increase the speed of the transaction to the highest setting possible. This will help increase the gas limit and likelihood of your transaction succeeding.

Notion image


If you are using the SDK and a private key from your local environment, you can add a gas override to your code to increase the limit like this:

contract.interceptor.overrideNextTransaction(() => ({
  gasLimit: 3000000,

Portal docs for gas override is here.


If you are still seeing the transaction underpriced error message after trying these solutions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team in Discord.

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