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Paper Buyer FAQ

Common questions from users buying an NFT with Paper

Where is my NFT?

There may be multiple reasons why you can't see your NFT. Please look over this list before contacting support.

You recently paid

Please wait a few minutes after your purchase. During rare heavy traffic, it may take multiple hours to deliver your NFT.

Can't view on OpenSea

OpenSea hides Polygon NFTs with low trade volume by default (source). See OpenSea FAQ.

Can't view on MetaMask

The MetaMask browser extension does not natively support displaying NFTs (source). See MetaMask FAQ.

Can't view on Coinbase Wallet

The Coinbase Wallet app does not support displaying lazy-minted ERC-1155 NFTs (source). See Coinbase Wallet FAQ.

❗ The most reliable ways to confirm the NFTs in your collection are to view it from your Paper Wallet or search your wallet a blockchain explorer (PolygonScan or EtherScan).


Is my NFT purchase refundable?

Unfortunately purchased NFTs are not refundable because the mint and/or transfer of the token has been permanently written to the blockchain ledger. Please research the item and merchant you are purchasing from before completing your purchase.

However many NFTs are transferrable, and you can resell them on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea. Please do your own research because there may be additional complexity and legal/tax regulations.

Paper cannot assist you in reselling NFTs. If your NFT is in a Paper Wallet, you must export your private key to a different wallet.

Paper vets each seller's personal and applicable business information to abide by U.S. regulations. We are not responsible for the merchant's fulfillment of any promised roadmap or benefits. We may remove merchants from our platform based on buyer feedback.


Apple Pay or Google Pay saying "Not Complete"

If Apple Pay or Google Pay says the transaction is not complete, but your bank account displays the charge anyways, you should receive a refund back on your bank account in 1-3 business days.

This happens usually when the zip code on your Apple/Google Pay's shipping address doesn't match the same one on your card.

To successfully purchase the NFT, we recommend checking all the information stored in Apple/Google Pay matches on your credit card, and if it still fails, we recommend retrying using the credit card directly.


How do I transfer my NFT out of the Paper Wallet?

Transfer NFTs out of your Paper Wallet without gas (Polygon only)

Log into your Paper Wallet and select the NFT you'd like to transfer. Enter the wallet address you'd like to transfer the NFT to and select Transfer.

⚠️ Double check the receiving wallet address is correct! This process is irreversible and Paper is not responsible for NFTs that are transferred out of your wallet. Paper nor the vendor will ask you to transfer the NFT.

Paper covers the network fees for transferring your first few NFTs. If you are looking to make many transfers, we recommend migrating to a different wallet app.

How do I transfer my Ethereum, Solana, or AVAX NFT out of my Paper Wallet?

Currently Paper does not support free transfers for NFTs on these blockchains. For full control of your Paper Wallet, please export your private key and import it to a different wallet app. See How do I export to MetaMask or another wallet?

You can then login to OpenSea with your external wallet to make the transfer or within your external wallet (if the wallet app supports transfers).


Coinbase Wallet FAQ

Where is my NFT on Coinbase Wallet?

"Coinbase Wallet currently supports NFTs on Ethereum and Polygon networks that are in an image or GIF format." It also does not support lazy-minted ERC-1155 NFTs. (source)

This is a limitation of Coinbase Wallet, and Paper unfortunately cannot help you view your NFTs in the Coinbase Wallet.

That said, you can confirm the NFT is in your wallet in other ways!

1. Search your wallet address on EtherScan (Ethereum), PolygonScan (Polygon), or SnowTrace (Avalanche). These are blockchain explorers that will show you cryptocurrency and NFTs in the Tokens dropdown:

2. Log into a marketplace like OpenSea (Ethereum, Polygon) or NFTrade (Avalanche) and view your profile.


Here's a walkthrough for signing into NFTrade:

1. Head to and click the CONNECT ACCOUNT button.

2. Select Coinbase Wallet and you'll be presented a QR code.

3. On your Coinbase Wallet mobile app, look for the Scan button.

4. Scan the QR code (from step 2) with your phone.

5. You should be logged into NFTrade! Now select My NFTs from the dropdown that lists your wallet address.

6. You'll be able to see any Avalanche NFTs in your wallet.

See How do I let others view my NFT? for alternatives ways to view your NFT.


MetaMask FAQ

How do I view my NFT on the browser extension?

The MetaMask browser extension does not natively support displaying NFTs (source).

How do I view my NFT on the mobile app?

MetaMask's mobile app correctly shows NFTs but you may need to import it manually.

The "Address" is the 42-character hexadecimal (a-z, 0-9) string that starts with 0x...

The "Collectible ID" is the token address of the NFT. For ERC-721 collections, each NFT has a different token ID. For ERC-1155 collections, all NFTs of the same type share the same token ID.


On PolygonScan: 0x87D549BF461c9Bb6018a7469Ef20FBA2b988c9E5).

On OpenSea:

MetaMask also has an "NFT detection" feature (Security & Privacy > Autodetect NFTs) for Ethereum NFTs only.


How do I log in to OpenSea or another web3 app?

You can log into any web3 app like OpenSea that supports the WalletConnect. WalletConnect is an open source protocol that allows websites to consistently connect hundreds of different wallets.

The simplest way to connect to OpenSea is to log in with one device A and verify your wallet with a second mobile device B.

1. On device A (laptop, tablet, or mobile device are fine), navigate to OpenSea and click the wallet icon in the upper right corner (it may be in the menu icon on smaller screens).

2. Select WalletConnect

3. A QR code will pop up.

4. On device B (mobile or any device with a camera), log in to your Paper Wallet.

  • You'll be required to log in via an email link if you haven't already. This step verifies that you are the owner of this wallet.

5. Select the Scan QR code button

6. With this device B, scan the QR code displaying on device A.

7. Select Approve to continue.


You're now connected! Feel free to update your profile and unhide NFTs in your Hidden tab.

⚠️ Paid actions such as listing an item for sale is not currently supported. If you're looking to sell and NFT, please export your Paper Wallet to another wallet app that is better suited for transferring cryptocurrencies.


OpenSea FAQ

OpenSea is one of the most familiar marketplaces so you'll likely want to see your NFT when you view your OpenSea profile.

As of Oct 2021, OpenSea hides Polygon NFTs from unverified collections by default (source). Generally this means that for any new Polygon NFT project with low trade volume, you won't immediately see the NFT in your collection. This behavior is unfortunately out of Paper's control at this time.

How do I unhide the NFT?

You can log into OpenSea and unhide your "Hidden" collection items at any time.

1. Log into OpenSea

  • If you purchased to a non-Paper wallet, please follow that wallet's instructions.
  1. Go to your Profile
  1. Go to your Hidden tab
  1. Select More options
  1. Select Unhide
  1. Confirm the Unhide action.
  1. You will be prompted to "sign" a request with your wallet. This does not cost any funds and is only used to validate that you are the owner of this wallet.

That's it! Your NFT should now be shown on your public collection page.

How else can I confirm I have the NFT?

Fortunately all data on the blockchain is public, so you can use other tools to see your NFT. You can log in to your Paper Wallet to view your purchases or search for your wallet address on Polygonscan and check the Tokens dropdown:


How do I export to MetaMask or another wallet?

Please visit for instructions on exporting your private key. You will be prompted to log in (if you haven't logged in recently) and agree to Magic's Terms of Service. Your private key will be a 64-character hexadecimal (0-9, a-f) string that you copy and paste to another wallet.

Here are some popular wallets (Paper is not affiliated with and cannot offer support for these wallets):

⚠️ Reminder: Do not share your private key with anyone! Paper nor the merchant will ever ask for your private key. We are not responsible for any lost assets after you export your private key.


How do I access my NFT?

After your NFT is transferred to your wallet, you can unlock any benefits provided by it. By "access" there's many ways to extract utility from an NFT as long as they are provided by the NFT merchant.

How do I view my NFT collection?

Log in via an email link from your Paper Wallet to view your purchased NFTs.

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