Storage FAQs

General FAQs

Where are my NFTs stored?

When you upload your NFTs via thirdweb, we handle NFT pinning and storage for you. By default, we use IPFS to store images and metadata.

Is there a limit to how many files I can upload?

The storage upload limits for the Starter plan are 50GB monthly free limit and 5GB per file size rate limit. For the Pro plan, the storage upload limit is 50GB monthly free and 25GB per file size rate limit. Beyond the 50GB monthly free limit, the cost is $0.10 per GB (billed monthly). For a custom Enterprise rate, please contact Sales.

What are the download limits using thirdweb’s IPFS gateway?

Unlimited IPFS storage gateway requests are provided for free.

Where can I manage my stored data?

We are building IPFS management into the dashboard, which will be available soon.

How can I unpin items to free up my IPFS storage?

We are building IPFS unpinning into the dashboard, which will be available soon.

Can I bring my own IPFS service for my app?

Yes you can, thirdweb is completely interoperable. The first 50GB of Storage is free, and beyond that is pay-as-you-go (+$0.10 per GB). You can also upgrade to Enterprise for custom Storage limits here. You can provide your own storage pinning and gateway service. See more implementation details here.

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