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Get Started with GamingKit

Start building your first web3 game using thirdweb’s GamingKit

GamingKit gives you everything you need to build web3 games. In this overview, we’ll show you how to start integrating these mechanics into your game, giving your players ownership of in-game assets.


Using familiar games engines like Unity, GamingKit comes with SDKs for creating blockchain-based games with the ability to:

  • Connect to player's wallets
  • Read and write data to smart contracts
  • Deploy new smart contracts programmatically

Let’s dive in.


Get started with the Unity SDK

In this guide on video, we'll walk you through:

  1. Creating a Unity project and installing the SDK
  1. Allowing users to connect their wallet to your game
  1. Reading data from, and writing transactions to smart contracts from C# scripts

Developer docs

Here are the developer docs for GamingKit on Portal:



Get started with our templates

Play demo games built with GamingKit, or leverage the open-source GitHub repositories to start building your own!

  1. 3D Racer - Purchase Vehicle NFTs from an in-game marketplace and start earning ERC20 tokens used to buy upgrades. Demo 3D Racer here
  1. 2D RPG - Complete quests to earn in-game currency and buy NFTs from a marketplace that you can view in your inventory. Demo 2D RPG here
  1. NFT Lootbox - Purchase NFT loot boxes from a marketplace and open them to reveal randomly selected NFTs inside! Demo NFT Lootbox here

Explore other guides for GamingKit



If you have any questions at all, we’d love to help! Here’s how you can get in touch with our team, or join our community of developers on Discord.

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