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Linea Voyage FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Linea Voyage:


Linea’s Task Validation Failed

All wallet addresses that submitted the Linea task validation form as of 5 PM EDT, Wednesday, June 7th were shared with Galxe. If you submitted prior to this and still cannot proceed, please give Galxe some time to verify.



ERC1167: Create2 failed

If you encounter an ERC1167: Create2 failed error while attempting to deploy on the Linea chain, it is highly probable that the contract has already been deployed. To access your contract's dashboard, follow these steps:

  • Search for your wallet address on the block explorer.
  • Select the latest transaction hash that has been confirmed on-chain.
  • Scroll down within this transaction hash to find and select the contract address (refer to the screenshot below).
    • Notion image

Also, in addition to the steps above, try increasing your gas fee to Aggressive mode and making your deployment a priority to increase the likelihood of a successful deployment!


Issues with Embed Frame Visibility

The Iframe embed relies on the availability of localStorage, which may be disabled in the following scenarios:

  • Browser cookies are disabled.
  • A VPN is enabled.
  • Browsing is being done in incognito mode.

We suggest checking if any of the above factors are causing the issue in your case.


Here is how the embed looks when any of the browsing modes are enabled above:

Notion image

Missing Claim Conditions and Embed Tabs under the Contract's Dashboard

The absence of claim conditions and embed tabs in the contract's dashboard is due to the contract you deployed being a "token" contract. Token contracts are specifically designed to create ERC20-compatible cryptocurrencies and do not include claim conditions.

If you are seeking a contract that allows you to distribute tokens with claim conditions, you should look for a "token drop" contract. Token drop contracts are equipped with the necessary functionality to include claim conditions.

To access the required contract for token drops, please visit: Token Drop Contract

Here is how the dashboard looks when you deploy a Token contract (not Token Drop):

Notion image

How to resolve failed transactions?

To address failed transactions, you can follow these steps to improve the chances of a successful transaction:

  • Increase Gas Fee: Consider raising the gas fee to Aggressive mode.
  • Prioritize Deployment: Make your deployment a priority by setting it with a higher priority level. This can help your transaction get processed faster and reduce the likelihood of failure.

By implementing these measures, you can enhance the likelihood of a successful transaction.


Token Drop Error: Repriced

The "repriced" error occurs when attempting to append your original transaction speed with a higher gas price. We recommend waiting for the original transaction to complete at its designated speed before submitting multiple speed requests. Submitting multiple speed requests will not expedite the process.



If you encounter any issues while following this process, please feel free to reach out to us on Discord or get in touch wherever works best for you.

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