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How to add your EVM chain to thirdweb’s Chainlist?

How to import any EVM compatible chain into thirdweb’s Chainlist

  • EVM Chain - any blockchain network that is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).
  • Chainlist - the directory/list of blockchain networks (chains) that thirdweb supports and lets you work with
How to add your EVM chain to thirdweb’s Chainlist?

All of the listed chains and their data that you see on our Chainlist are pulled from this Github Repository. We make some minor updates as required and then add the chain to our own repository here.


There are two ways to add your chain to thirdweb’s list of supported chains:

  1. Fill out the Google Form that we have in place here. After completing the form, your chain will be added shortly.
  1. Make a pull request to the repository where we pull our data from i.e. link
      • Submit all the relevant information required to add and configure the network and wait for the pull request to get accepted and merged.

If you have any questions or want an update from our support team, feel free to join our Discord to get in touch.

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